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We've helped organizations of all sizes get better results. We work with companies striving to be industry leaders and who need things to happen quickly. They are in a pivotal position for growth, but have a few obstacles standing in the way of success. 100% of our clients have extended their engagement with us to accelerate their growth.


What our clients are saying

What we have seen Maestro Group do in sales and marketing is nothing short of transformational. I’m very happy with how the project went. It’s always great to work with a team of smart and creative people. I very much appreciated how well coordinated your team was and how well they complemented each other.
— VP, Customer Loyalty Program
We have used other sales coaching and marketing consulting firms in the past, but Maestro Group had a much more practical and hands-on approach to delivering quality sales training and education. Our sales team really loved spending time with Will and his team and have shown measurable improvement in their sales skills and performance.
— CEO, Technology Start-Up
Maestro Group transformed our global Inside Sales team, using its wealth of experience in sales to uplift skill levels and improve customer engagement. Will has a firm but patient approach, quickly gaining trust and creating momentum to shift key metrics.
— James Robins, CMO at GoCanvas
Thank you so much for spending time with our team yesterday. That training was the best sales training we’ve ever had. The team had takeaways that are really clear and fairly easy to implement immediately, which is always my goal for our retreats.
— CEO, national federated nonprofit
Maestro Group made a lasting impact on our people. Will and his team fine-tuned our sales and client service practices and exposed broader opportunities for our company. Most importantly, it stuck.
— Eric Gilbertsen, EVP REQ
I can’t recommend Maestro Group and Will enough. Will’s energy, retail knowledge, patience, outside-the-box thinking, team mindset, and ability to lead by example make him one of a kind.

As a sales consultant, in just under one year he transformed my ability and confidence to sell to top-notch retail executives. His teaching methods push you outside of your comfort zone and arm you with the tools you will need to thrive in any sales industry.
— Chelsea,
Our conversion rates have exploded, time to close shrunk, and the team is energized and joyful.
For people who are not dedicated salespeople, ‘sales’ can have such a dirty connotation… but it shouldn’t; we are in fact selling a program that we deeply believe in. I found the information to be helpful—full of nuggets that we can easily incorporate into our pitch prep, partner courting, and sales tracking strategies. I can’t wait to tell you about our progress as we tweak our pitches, emails, and other strategies.
— Executive Director, national youth development nonprofit
Maestro’s talented sales coaching and methodology equipped our team with the confidence and skills they needed to close deals faster, and at higher price points. By closing gaps in our messaging and providing structure to our sales process, Will markedly improved the performance of our BDR and Account Manager teams.
— James Quigley, GoCanvas
Maestro Group’s training is an extremely valuable experience. Their research-backed advice and training continue to help myself and my team communicate the value of our product and create mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Through applying Maestro’s training, my team can effectively identify our clients’ needs and communicate that our product is the solution.
— James Shearin, Inbound Lead at MakeOffices