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Congratulations to ItemMaster for Its Acquisition


Huge congratulations are in order for Maestro client ItemMaster, which has been acquired by Gladson in a private equity–backed deal. It’s a great match since ItemMaster and Gladson are both Chicago–based enterprise solutions providers for the consumer packaged goods industry. Together they can continue to develop cutting-edge, customer-centric products and services that revolutionize retail both in-store and online.

ItemMaster is a leader in product content. It developed out of Peapod’s market-leading e-commerce efforts. Incorporated in 2009, ItemMaster spun off as an independent entity in 2016 to better serve all manufacturers and retailers. In that same year, ItemMaster attracted Series A capital from Edison Partners, a growth capital firm specializing in fintech, healthcare, and enterprise solutions.

Guidance from Edison combined with the experienced leadership of CEO Dev Ganesan quickly led ItemMaster to its next stage. Over the last two years the company made great strides. David Nevas of Edison Partners commented in a press release on ItemMaster’s market expansion and “outstanding return for all stakeholders.” Edison achieved an IRR of 33% on its investment.

We particularly want to congratulate Dev Ganesan, Helen Baptist, and the ItemMaster team on their commitment to continual innovation and growth. We’re proud to have supported their efforts to accelerate their sales, align their brand messaging, and communicate value. Market expansion, revenue growth, and now a successful exit are the well-deserved rewards for all their hard work. We wish them the best as they continue on their journey in partnership with Gladson!