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Focusing on Sustained Impact

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It’s a good thing that all consultant projects come to an end. An organization reliant on a third party should experience acceleration with respect to a defined goal, and then be able to move forward independently, stronger than before.

fear of the unknown

Any consultant that has a positive impact on an organization, however, knows that the end of an engagement often leads to some uneasiness about what comes next. Why? Assuming the consultant was measurably valuable, the end of an engagement can cause trepidation surrounding the following questions:

  1. Will the mutually-constructed scaffolding built during the engagement be strong enough to stay in place?

  2. Will the team continue to build on top of this scaffolding without the third party serving as a motivator?

It’s easy to paint a rainbow over this concern and sell a happy-go-lucky claim like, “Our processes are designed to ensure our clients are able to sustain the improvements that we have put in place.” While rainbows are attractive, their beauty is fleeting.

I recommend that anyone who hears a rosy-but-possibly-empty claim to ask, “What, specifically, is it that ensures sustained improvements?” This is what reveals the gap between hopeful optimism and substantiated thoughtfulness.

mitigating the risk

Our team prides itself on having many examples to pull from in answering this question. From the educational design of our engagements to our demanding, interactive sessions that foster emotional buy-in, there are countless reasons our clients witness sustained growth. But we are always looking for new ways to improve and opportunities to provide more.

Recently our sales subject matter experts teamed up to create what we call Field Test. It’s a weekly post sent via email in which we share a real scenario a b2b salesperson recently faced in the field. Followers read through the scenario, indicate how they would react in the situation, and leave a comment if they so please. The entire process takes a few minutes once per week, and is a great way for our community of salespeople to interact, think critically and exchange insights based in experience. After just a month of an early adopter period, we have a strong base of contributors. What’s most surprising? Non-client salespeople already make up the majority of our subscribers.

Check it out here.

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