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Music Must Change—Knowing When to Adapt Your Presentation

Last Friday my band was playing at a local Irish pub. The crowd was into it until I started singing a modern-ish song that does pretty well with some crowds. A verse and chorus into the song, I could see that the audience was starting to tune out. As a musician and performer, this is the worst feeling. I couldn’t keep going for another three minutes and risk losing more of the crowd. I looked over at my two bandmates and told them I was changing to another song in a similar key. We improvised the transition, but soon we were once again playing to a fully engaged crowd.

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Practicing Until You Can’t Get It Wrong

“Remember the words you told me, love me ‘til the day I die
Surrender my mfhm hm mmhm hmbm mmyou’re mine”

That was me on stage a few weekends ago singing with my band. I forgot the words. I had to mumble my way through part of the song. My bandmates and I had been practicing this particular song for the last several weeks. I knew all of it moments before I went on stage, but with the pressure on, it turns out I didn’t know it well enough.

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