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Jessica Walczak

Course development. Growth mindset. 



As Maestro Group's Chief of Staff, Jessica Walczak ensures staff members needs are met starting from when they join the team. She communicates project progress and has a part in the continuous development of Maestro Group's best practice. The internal processes and procedures she helps develop ensures the team's highest level of efficiency. Prior to work for Maestro Group,

Jessica worked in the field of education as a instructional coach and classroom teacher. Jessica grew up in Arlington, VA. She received her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts in Teaching from James Madison University. She currently lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and two cats. Jessica is currently back in the classroom getting a Master of Science in Management degree at The Catholic University of America.

In her spare time Jessica likes getting to know Washington DC area by trying out new restaurants. She enjoys listening to audio books in order to make DC traffic bearable. After living four years abroad in the Caribbean, Jessica developed a love of traveling and learning about new cultures. You can find her smiling brightest while dancing merengue with her husband.