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kevin sweet

Product & Digital Strategy

With a background in environmental policy and a passion for renewable energy, Kevin’s career began in the solar industry where his role spanned from product management to business development for an online solar marketplace. But after a few years in the industry, and seeing firsthand what a positive difference a consultancy can have on an organization, Kevin joined the Maestro Group. Today, he manages the team’s operations and often participates in product strategy.

Kevin grew up in Doylestown, PA and received his Bachelor of Science from Penn State University. He moved to Arlington, VA in 2016. In Arlington, Kevin can be seen playing pick-up basketball at the local park where he may be channeling the winning spirit of the Villanova Wildcats on a good day, or at least the trying-our-best spirit of the Philadelphia 76ers on a bad one.

Long term, Kevin hopes to contribute to the construction of a sustainable global energy solution, but in the meantime, is energetic about the study and refinement of processes and technologies that enable startups to thrive and expand.