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Do You Have These 3 Critical Technologies for Sales and Marketing Alignment?

There are at least 947 marketing technologies out there. But top-performing companies know there are only a few systems you really need to be cost effective and impactful. These three systems are content marketing, marketing automation and CRM. Below we review the importance of each and some of the top tools for each. 

1. Content marketing 

Content marketing is a huge priority for marketers. Producing engaging content, enough content and a variety of it are some of the biggest challenges content marketers face.  Managing your content pipeline efficiently and within budget is a secondary challenge. We're seeing content marketing tools that help marketers overcome some of these challenges popping up everywhere. Kapost and Contently are some of the more popular tools out there. I like this article which reviews some content marketing tools that you may not have heard of but deserve some attention. 

Figuring out how to promote your content once you've written it, is a whole other challenge and this graphic from Outbrain does a nice job summarizing the content promotion ecosystem 

2. Marketing automation 

Marketing automation systems like Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua help marketing teams automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media and other digital tasks, as well as help you analyze your lead funnel. I like Jeff Bullas' review of the top marketing automation platforms he recommends. 

3. CRM 

It's pretty much a no brainer that a good CRM system that fits your needs is critical for organizing, managing and optimizing your sales pipeline. But, a good CRM is also important to help align your sales and marketing efforts. Getting marketing on board and integrated with your CRM system can help them better understand their target audiences and help them create better content for your potential customers as they move across different parts of the lead funnel. 

Finding the right CRM system can be an overwhelming process.Popular CRM's like SalesForce and Lead Master might be right tool for your business, but they can be also be overwhelming and time consuming to manage and set up.

Zapier provides a good intro into CRM systems, including what to look for and the different types out there and also has a seperate resource reviewing the 25 CRMs for every type of business


Marketing Technology Landscape in 2016

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