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Our blog is an editorial site and collective of our experts dedicated to providing original research and cutting edge advice and insights. Read on to discover a range of topics that matter most to early and expansion stage businesses. Explore in-depth articles on sales, marketing, customer success, content development, training, and much more. 


The Weekly Buzz: Blogs and Newsletters We Love

This week at the Maestro Group we’ve been discussing the 40/20 rule.  The general idea of the 40/20 rule is that you have to put in time above and beyond the 40 hours you work every week to hone your craft.  You can hear our founding partner, Will Fuentes, explain more about the 40/20 rule in this podcast.

One great use of your 20 hours is reading articles and insights from leaders in your industry.  Newsletters and blogs are great sources for the latest and most current information.  Here are some of our favorites: – Helpful tips about sales, especially for managers or coaches 

Hiten Shah Newsletter – Articles about sales and start-ups with a special focus on SaaS businesses

Fortune – Several newsletters available with focuses ranging from tech and business to must-read business news

Retail Dive – News and articles about technology, marketing and more in the retail industry

CIO Dive – News and insights about the tech industry 

Marketing Dive – News and insights about the marketing industry

Think with Google –  The latest data, insights, and inspiration from Google 

NRF Smart Brief – A daily snapshot of the retail industry

Tomasz Tunguz – Data-driven blog posts about key questions facing start-ups

Finally, just for fun: check out how you can turn your navigation arrow in Google Maps into Mario, complete with his kart!  It just lasts for a week, so don’t miss out!