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The Weekly Buzz: Tips to Build Your Design Confidence


Maestro Group recently initiated “brunch and learns” so team members have the opportunity to learn from one another’s expertise. This week, our resident PowerPoint wizard Ann worked on building our design confidence.

Not Just for Presentations

PowerPoint started out as a tool for presentations, and that’s still what a lot of available wisdom for the program is focused on, like the “5/5/5 Rule” or the “10/20/30 Rule.” But PowerPoint isn’t just for presentations anymore. When publishing collateral that has to stand on its own, those rules are irrelevant: let your content be your guide!

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Melina shared a cool article on thinking through presentation design. Thinking about the overall outline of your PowerPoint and which information needs to go on each slide can save a lot of wasted time. If you know a slide has three points, for instance, you can easily select an appropriate template slide. Sorry, only Maestro Group folks get Ann's awesome template library, but for inspiration, she recommends subscribing to Slide Team or Presenter Media.


We love PowerPoint as a design tool because its wide availability and ease of use empower more of the team to learn to design or at least edit designed collateral. We’ve used it for e-books, brochures, case studies, personas, and more. (And there’s tons more uses out there!)