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The Weekly Buzz: Understanding Your Customer's Needs

At Maestro, we’re always talking about sales.  This week several of our discussions have been about how salespeople are able to provide more value when they have a better understanding of their customers’ needs.  Here are three of those needs. 


B2B customers today do not expect to interact with a salesperson until it’s time to close the deal.  Instead of a conversation with a sales rep about a product, the first interaction for most customers is via the company’s website on their mobile device.  They want the ability to evaluate a company that way and then work with a rep.

A quality product

Customers want technology that is reliable and easy to use.  If they play around with a site and it’s at all cumbersome or confusing, then the salesperson is going to have a hard time closing the deal.  What customers crave is something that won’t be a huge pain to implement, and can be trusted to function properly. 


Superstar reps have business- and value-related discussions far more often than their below-quota peers.  This means that top salespeople are able to paint a picture for their clients of what their company could look like if they utilized the product.