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The Weekly Buzz: What the Block?

Many of Maestro Group’s clients are innovating at the frontiers of technology. Probably most common are tech firms looking to leverage artificial intelligence, but that’s not the only area. So it’s not surprising that some weeks our talk turns to tech.


What the Block?

Cryptocurrency is in the news constantly, often because of market fluctuations or fraud. Part of the reason people are so interested in crypto is its mystique. It’s based on blockchain technology, which ensures the integrity of the data it encodes via math so strong, it should be a Marvel character. Fortunately for those of us who don’t have Ph.D.s in Astrophysics, Katabat has just published a pretty readable explainer on blockchain and crypto.


Rise of the Machines

The Economist’s Technology Quarterly focuses on artificial intelligence this quarter with a special report on AI in Business. Keeley strongly recommends reading it so you can tell where your ramen came from and if you’re a replicant or not. Just kidding! ...Right?


The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Went up the Sales Funnel

It might not seem like as shiny and new of a technology as AI and blockchain, but HTML rules the world. Websites are crucial for businesses today. This piece argues for the importance of controlling your content by focusing on engaging prospects through your website rather than other social channels.