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The Weekly Buzz: Questions

Successful sales communication isn’t just about saying the right thing. It’s also about how you respond to questions, how you ask them, and how well you listen.


Overcoming Objections

Maestro Group sales training offers a number of connected modules. The training on “Overcoming Objections” dives straight in to helping sales people deal with the toughest, most draining parts of their job. It might sound uncomfortable, but facing hard questions is one of the best ways to prepare to sell. As revealed in this Harvard Business Review article, the approach readies salespeople to “fight off an automatic negative response” to tough questions during real calls.


Ask Me 1-3 Questions

Another of our modules digs in to “Effective Emails.” Email is a cornerstone of any sales and marketing communication strategy, especially when contacting older demographics. Did you know that there is a sweet spot for asking questions in an email? Asking 1-3 questions is associated with a lot higher response rate than asking fewer or lots more questions, according to a Boomerang study. Does that match up with your experience? Why do you think that is? Hit us up in the social media conversation, or shoot Will an email if you’re reading this on our site!


Keep Your Ears Open

Tons of fields use questions scientifically as part of their work: yep, I’m talking about surveys. Surveys are crucial in sales and marketing, too. Customer feedback is transformative if you can get it, and this article gives some good guidelines on how to make responding appealing. Surveying your team can also bring out insights that are hard to extract in day-to-day interaction with employees. If you’re interested in how a survey can start a conversation that will strengthen your strategy and your team, check out Maestro Group’s free, white label survey that you can administer to your sales team. We’ll help you analyze its insights into your brand alignment and communication clarity.