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The Weekly Buzz: Ways to Do Marketing Right

Many of the cool articles Maestro Group people wanted to talk about this week focused on marketing. What exactly is marketing, and how do we do it right?


Gap Analysis

Tomasz Tunguz writes about the power of marketing to imagine taking the market from where it is to where you want it to be, generating wins for everyone involved. Creating a persuasive view of the future requires careful attention to several components, including personas.



When sales and marketing teams listen to one another, it saves time and money for everyone. PandaDoc has a cool, scrollable eBook outlining crucial areas for smarketing alignment. Collaboration allows marketing to create content that actually gets used, and sales can focus on core sales tasks, confident in their collateral.


Get Scientific

Digital marketing isn’t a fly-by-night field anymore. Companies are serious about their metrics and want to be sure their campaigns and websites are optimized. Kevin likes to check the significance of his A/B testing with this cool tool that supports your drive to maximize conversions.