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The Weekly Buzz: Meetings

In sales, people and relationships are super important. And much of the work around building relationships with people happens in meetings. How do you get prospects to agree to meet? When you walk into a meeting with a prospect, client, or your team, how do you make sure the time is well spent?


When It’s Time to Open Your Mouth

Last week we talked about the power of questions and listening. But sometimes you need to hold off on the questions and show you have something to say. Apparently, that’s a secret to successful cold calling (not an oxymoron! really!). The cold call is a time to sell your prospect on the value of meeting with you.


Can I Use the Xerox Before You? I Need to Make Some Copies.

Huh? Yeah. Not all the advice you read on the Internet is great. This article misreads old mindfulness research from the 1970s to conclude that people respond better to requests when you give a reason – even a worthless reason. The article’s first piece of advice is based on much stronger evidence. People are much more likely to give a “yes” to a big request (like “can we meet?”) after you’ve already established a relationship of exchange, or “gifting,” on small requests.


Love People, but Hate Meetings?

You know how it goes. There’s the guy who wants to share thirty years of accumulated experience about something that isn’t quite on topic. The person who is always late to a conference call and forgets to use the mute button. How do you make the most out of the time you are all spending together? (Do you even need to?) Agendas are key. Hilary keeps us productive and helps us build relationships in our twice-weekly Maestro stand-ups. When we know why we’re there, we can get things done and help one another. Agendas also help your prospects and clients feel their time is valued and communicate with you about meeting goals.