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The Weekly Buzz: Digitally Jen

Maestro Group team members were discussing digital lead gen with a client, and later discovered that our meeting transcription service had transformed it into “digitally Jen.” “Digitally Jen” can be our new mascot. As for digital lead gen…


Lead With LinkedIn

By the numbers, LinkedIn generates four times as many B2B leads as all the other social media services put together. So that’s where you should concentrate your lead generation efforts. Check out Kissmetrics’ seven strategies for reinventing your business’s LinkedIn presence to go from static and passive to engaging and interactive.


Content Matters

Relationship-based sales and outbound marketing are time- and labor-intensive strategies. Content marketing can enhance efficiency by establishing brand identity and awareness and driving a reputation for subject matter expertise. Content is at the core of this HubSpot lead generation guide.


Purchase Brands vs. Usage Brands

Lead generation efforts are essential to success when you are trying to acquire customers and get them to purchase your products or services—what Harvard Business Review refers to as a purchase mindset. But that’s not the only path to success. Think about moving beyond purchase-oriented strategies to a usage mindset: one focused on customer experience and loyalty. At many transformative brands, it’s the enthusiastic loyalty of their committed customers that builds reputation and drives inbound leads.


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