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The Weekly Buzz: Show Me the Numbers

Data and statistics are powerful and persuasive. Analytics can help you decide what strategy is working best for your organization. And the right numbers add a powerful, attention-grabbing punchline to content.


Sales by the Numbers

Data on over a million sales calls reveals that closing calls don’t change the outcome of sales. Will spotted a piece on LinkedIn this week that deploys rich, persuasive data and AI-based analysis to show that the early parts of the sales funnel are where prospects are making their decisions. The data reveal that things that make little difference in a closing call—like time spent asking questions—have crucial importance in earlier calls.


Big Data

Analyzing a million sales calls to hone your strategy is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to data-based decision-making. Big data is revolutionizing marketing as companies strive to personalize their communications. The next step? Build customer value by using the data sets to power recommendation engines and guide customer-centric R&D.


Some Numbers Are Better Than Others

Crunching numbers can drive your corporate strategy, but when it comes to communicating to customers with statistics, you need to know how to choose numbers that really speak to people. TED’s Emily McManus understands the challenge of selecting and using the right facts. She shares best practices on making sure that your facts (whether numbers, quotes, or bigger ideas) are accurate, correctly sourced, and used properly. It can mean the difference between looking incompetent and persuading people worldwide.