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The Weekly Buzz: Talking Tech

Many of our clients offer complex, innovative technology products and services to their customers. Our role as a sales and marketing agency is to help them convey their brand value in a way that really speaks to their target customers. This week we’ve been talking about the secrets of successfully communicating about cutting-edge technology.

First, Help Your Audience Find You

Old-school SEO wisdom focused on communicating with the search engines, but as Google’s algorithm has matured and voice search has begun transforming the field, the playing field has changed. Go ahead and write for humans. Your results will thank you.

Don’t Talk Like a Ph.D.

Hey, Ph.D.s are great – don’t get me wrong. But don’t get a specialist to talk about your specialist technology. They can get hung up on unique details that won’t be meaningful to a non-specialist, whereas your goal should be to reach as wide an audience as possible. Journalists who regularly communicate to broad swathes of people about your general tech area may be the best choice for developing compelling messaging.

Edit for Your Audience

Your tech blog articles, thought leadership, white papers, and other publications probably originate from sources ranging from tech executives to front-line employees and beginning marketing writers. Editing can help to keep the personas of your target customers in view. Are you writing to build your reputation with tech startup CEOs? Government procurement specialists? Fortune 500 C-suite execs? They have different interests and backgrounds, and in most cases jargon will be your enemy. Carefully re-read and edit your content to ensure that it is consistent, on-message, and appealing for the people you most hope will read it.