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The Weekly Buzz: Best Words, Best Order

Samuel Taylor Coleridge said that poetry is “the best words in the best order.” So when Melina shared an interview with a poet (and pro fighter!) who had transitioned into marketing, a lot of pieces fell into place. Unified messaging across the sales and marketing teams also depends on using the best words in the best order. It’s time to chuck your sales Hallmark card for a sales sonnet!

When You Say It

Will found this in-depth analysis of competitor mentions in the sales cycle. While there are specific times when it’s important for salespeople to be ready to talk about their competition, the most important thing in mature markets is to preempt these questions with effective marketing before the buyer even enters the sales cycle. Get your message out early, often, and clear, and your conversation will contain a lot fewer pitfalls.

What You Say

Think about your potential buyers. Are they already convinced that they need a product in your category? If so, you’re probably in a hot market, and you need to differentiate yourself. If not, and you’re in a cold market, you need to convince them to buy at all. Dave Kellogg of Kellblog breaks down some memorable messaging around differentiation versus value.

How You Say It

A lot goes in to crafting a successful sales email strategy. There’s data analysis and A/B testing; careful planning around messaging; and writing and editing the emails themselves for clarity and impact. Kenn shared this really thoughtful, thorough blog post on sales emails. Bonus from last week’s Buzz topic: the blog post is well edited!