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The Weekly Buzz: Doing Well While Doing Good

There’s a line in Weird Al’s hilarious “Word Crimes” song about knowing the difference between “doing good” and “doing well.” But can’t we do both at the same time? Maestro has recently had the good fortune to be able to share sales expertise with some nonprofit and academic organizations. Crafting synergy between sales success and a positive mission is very exciting! 

The Power of Purpose

The current issue of Harvard Business Review highlights an article on “Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization.” When employees are committed to their organization’s mission, the authors found, they are more engaged and productive. It’s essential for leaders to communicate their purpose clearly if they want to inspire—but the results are transformative and include financial returns as well as warm fuzzies.

21st-Century Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been around for a while, but sometimes means little more than the appearance of complying with basic regulations and business ethics. How are organizations today making CSR meaningful? A piece in Forbes highlights some issues that are near and dear to some of our clients. First, organizations can treat their customers right by going above and beyond to protect their data privacy and security. Second, they can offer cutting-edge transparency about their products, services, and supply chain. Then customers can make informed choices that support their commitment to sustainability, activist investing, or other causes.

Sell Goods and Sell the Good

So—what can a sales training and smarketing organization bring to a nonprofit? Maestro coaches an approach to sales that starts by understanding prospects’ goals and needs, developing a mutually giving relationship, and sharing the positives that your organization can bring. These skills can empower development representatives whether they are selling software-as-a-service or seeking donor support for mentorship programs for underprivileged teens. Sales is a skill like any other, and at Maestro, we want to use it to do good—not just well!