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The Weekly Buzz: Millennial Employees

How does your organization attract, nurture, and retain the best #marketing talent? If you aren’t hiring mature executives or college interns, quite a large segment of your talent pool today involves Millennials. These younger workers may have over fifteen years of experience or may just have graduated college. They are still developing new skills and can make a lasting impression on your company’s success.


A couple weeks ago we buzzed about the value of purpose on an organizational level. But it’s even more important to individuals as they progress through their careers. Companies that can communicate a value beyond the bottom line are a great fit for Millennial workers who want their career to make a difference. (If you want some high-quality Orwellian beach reading about the importance of purpose at work, Kurt Vonnegut’s first novel Player Piano imagines a society where artificial intelligence and the social safety net have caused more problems than they solved.)

Growth Myths

Everyone’s talking about Growth Mindset! Unfortunately, a lot of them are getting it all wrong. That’s what researchers from the NeuroLeadership Institute discovered in a study of 20 major organizations. Highlights of their findings: it’s a myth that businesses can have growth mindset—it’s all about developing the individual’s skills so they can grow in their position. Growth mindset really means “the continuous belief that improvement is possible and that failures are opportunities to learn.”

(Some myths are awesome, though: Maestro’s Phoenix sales training is named for the mythical phoenix, which is reborn from the ashes. It’s a great symbol of getting back up after failure.)

Work–Life Balance

Millennials are hoping to find a job that is meaningful and allows for personal growth, but they are even more known for seeking out flexibility and work-life balance. Flexible schedules have proven benefits for individuals, including higher productivity and innovativeness as well as better health and even happier children. The improved productivity also benefits their employers, as does the fact that flexible working hours apparently induce many workers to work more hours! Many Maestro group employees work remotely with flexible schedules, and give the approach two thumbs up!


What do you do to attract marketing talent? Does your organization offer flexible hours or opportunities for personal growth? We’d especially love to hear from our clients—a lot of you have awesome workplaces!