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The Weekly Buzz: Back to School

It’s that time of year. Maybe you are sending your kids back to school, or maybe you’re starting a new class yourself. Learning is something you can do both inside and outside of a classroom, though. The idea of learning for self-improvement was part of the genesis of this weekly blog: it comes out of the 40/20 Group, where Maestro teammates share their discoveries from their weekly 20 hours of personal and professional improvement. So if you are striking out to learn on your own, what are the best ways to go about it?


Nowadays there are so many different ways to learn for free or at a low cost online. For course credit and proof you can put on your resume, EdX offers verified certificates for its courses. If you just want skills and don’t care about the resume item, you can take them for free, which is awesome. I checked out a course from the University of Maryland on Instructional Design. Over at Coursera, there’s an even broader range of topics for a monthly subscription fee. For instance, you can explore a University of Colorado Business Communication module (including Graphic Design) for free for a week, followed by $49 a month as you complete your studies at your own pace.


Speaking of verified certificates, some firms and organizations offer certifications that can make even more difference in your career. Salesforce certification is the huge one. Others may not make as big an impact on your resume, but teach sales and marketing skills that immediately translate in the workplace: say, the Google Analytics individual qualification or Google Academy for Ads.


If you’re a self-directed learner, you don’t need someone else to design a course. Find the sort of materials you like and get learning! Maybe that is a YouTube video or website tutorial on how to improve your PowerPoint skills. It could be a book explaining how persuasion works on the human mind. Maybe it means asking one of your colleagues, who is particularly good at presentations, to give you some feedback as you practice. The number of ways to learn is almost as large as the number of learners.

Good luck finding your favorite sources for learning and self-improvement! At Maestro, we are passionate about learning, and our core offering—the Phoenix Method sales training—now offers a sales certification. Contact for more info!