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The Weekly Buzz: Going the Extra Mile


Efficiency is usually the name of the game in sales and marketing. What can you do to reduce the inputs of time and effort, while still getting good results? Then you have more time to reach out to more potential customers. Sometimes, though, putting in a little bit of extra human effort translates into a big reward. Kenn has recently found a number of articles that highlight these “extra mile” scenarios.

Use It or Lose

Many productivity tools promise big rewards, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems are no different. But Miller Heiman’s CSO Insights found in a recent sales operations study that only 25% of users have confidence in their CRM’s data and find it enhances productivity. However, most of these firms aren’t actually using their CRM as intended. Users who took the extra steps to deploy at least 75% of their CRM’s capabilities were much happier with the results.

Making Time

Maestro’s Effective Emails training module recommends always suggesting three possible times when asking for a meeting. New evidence for the value of this approach comes from the Chili Piper intelligent calendar app. Their marketing team tested out emails with three suggested times versus a link to a calendar to select any open time that worked for the lead. Suggested times worked 13 times better! It’s a tiny bit of extra work when you write the email, but it makes it much easier for your recipient.

Understanding Your Target

Sergey Matrosov describes the effort the SEMrush team put into understanding their customers. The company wanted to improve retention by connecting people with their full range of tools and features. So they refined their re-marketing campaign, categorizing all of their site visitors based on buyer persona and stage in the customer journey. From this deeper understanding, they were able to target their messaging much better and increase the average number of tools each customer was using by 23%.

It may be counter-intuitive that you can get more efficient by doing more, but in these situations the payoffs are demonstrably better. What extra steps has your organization taken that have really paid off? Share your stories in the comments or reach us at