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The Weekly Buzz: Heard It Through the Grapevine

If you had to choose between high profits and high customer satisfaction (CSAT), which would you choose? Well, in reality it isn’t much of a choice. If you don’t satisfy your customers, your profits are not going to stay high for long. Unless you happen to control a monopoly on a product or service people really need, they will not stick around if you leave them dissatisfied. On the other hand, if you build good buzz, you will attract plenty of business!

Nothin' but Net

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a handy metric detailing how likely it is that someone will recommend your brand. It’s a great way to see if your efforts to improve CSAT and build your reputation are working. Especially for companies that focus on customer experience, it’s essential to take a methodical approach to gathering this type of information. Don’t just rely on optional reviews on sites like Google, Amazon, and Yelp, where often only the more irritated customers bother to give a detailed review.

Building Trust

Unfortunately, you can’t ignore reviews on social media altogether. Taking the time to encourage a positive reputation online is a great way to expand your pool of potential customers and brand cheerleaders. Hubspot has a guide to building trust with your website through social proof. Some of the most powerful influence on trust, though, comes from referrals between friends. This is where word-of-mouth marketing comes into play...


Ok, I just like the acronym for word-of-mouth marketing because it reminds me of wombats. Giant, cuddly marsupials: what’s not to love? Another thing you have to love is thought-provoking infographics. Check out this expansive word-of-mouth marketing implementation strategy infographic from Impact to contemplate every facet of the topic, from influencers to incentives.