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The Weekly Buzz: Halloween Edition

What is your deepest fear? When I was a kid, I was terrified of clowns. I hated their hats, and birthday parties could get uncomfortable. Luckily, I got over my phobia. It might be reasonable, though, to fear the following three items:


Fear induces a fight-or-flight response in the human nervous system. That rush of hormones can be exciting when you are on a roller coaster or in the theater watching a slasher film. As it turns out, though, chronic stress can induce a similar response from the body. It’s no fun to feel those stress hormones on a regular basis. Will and Chris were talking this week about how salespeople can reduce stress: it comes down to controlling what you can control, a central Phoenix mantra.

Artificial Intelligence

Terminator and The Matrix may be scary, but they’re pretty far removed from reality. I love Janelle Shane’s regular forays into how to get weird outputs out of neural networks, and this week she teamed up with a talented artist at the New York Times, Jessia Ma. They make a serious point in a totally hilarious way. Artificial intelligences are limited by the humans that design and direct them, and these can have scary consequences when things like parole decisions or plane landings are at stake.


People who vanish from the face of the earth aren’t just for online dating anymore. It can also happen in sales and marketing. Here’s a cute, quick read with some suggestions about how to proceed if your prospect or client has stopped responding.

Bust any ghosts lately? Break out of a stressful situation? Or just have a Halloween costume that looks like it was invented by a crazed neural network? Share in the comments or at