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The Weekly Buzz: Make Failure Worth It

Last week’s Buzz talked about the value of failure—as long as you don’t give up. How to move on from failure is a skill in itself! Reflect on what happened. How big was the obstacle you ran into?

Minor Speedbump? Persevere

Sales and marketing professionals are constantly communicating. A certain percentage of our communication is met with a “no” in response. Hearing a lot of “no”s on a daily basis can feel like failure and rejection, but with a little bit of persistence those rejections can catalyze conversations that lead to growth and success. Productive responses to “no” are so important that Maestro offers an entire module on Overcoming Objections!  

Medium Mixup? Learn From It

Everything seemed to be going well—until it wasn’t. Moderate failures like a botched presentation or a dissatisfied client are recoverable as long as they aren’t repeated. Sales leaders and project managers can do a lot to facilitate everyone on the team learning from mistakes anyone makes. A technology snafu ruins a pitch once? Hopefully, never again—and not just for the team member who was presenting that day. Didn’t get paid because the executive who needed to sign off got replaced and the project was put on indefinite hold? Anticipate roadblocks and build them into your planning.

Major Meltdown? Refocus

Some failures are big, and some you have no control over. In those cases the best thing you can do is avoid being discouraged. Probably the worst failure any of us can experience is losing our job; even in that situation, there are better and worse responses. Instead of trying to edit your weaknesses, regrouping from a major setback is a time for focusing on your strengths and inner resilience.

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