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The Weekly Buzz: Reading List

What does reading have to do with sales and marketing? Well, no matter what you do, reading can stretch your mind and help you grow into new knowledge and skills—what the Maestro 40/20 Rule is all about. Here’s a roundup of some suggested reading.

Time for Sales

Marc Benioff is best known as the founder of Salesforce. As of this month, he’s also the owner of TIME magazine. The publication has been struggling despite its almost 100–year history. Hopefully Benioff will be able to use the insights he shared in his 2009 entrepreneurship book Behind the Cloud to improve the picture for TIME. Section four of his book, “The Sales Playbook,” might be just the ticket.

Review Your Productivity

Everybody knows you can spend money to make money—it’s the concept behind getting a degree or certification, or even investing in an early-stage start-up. But you can also spend time to make time. How? Spend a few hours reading a book that gives you new tools to enhance your productivity. This month’s Harvard Business Review suggests five promising productivity guides.  

Media and the Message

The jury’s still out on whether people retain information better from print, e-readers, or audiobooks and podcasts. Most studies so far suggest little difference in recollection of information from those formats. So if you want to listen to a podcast about sales techniques, great! You’ll retain what you learn even better if you get active with it, though: read it aloud, write down some notes, talk about it with a friend, or try out your new techniques.

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