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The Weekly Buzz: Video

Grabbing an audience’s attention works best when you can engage as many senses as possible. In marketing today, that means video is king. Combine a flow of images with well-chosen words to engross your audience and exponentially increase the power of your message.

See for Yourself

A Wyzowl study in 2017 found that 81% of businesses are using video in their marketing strategy—but 85% of consumers still want to see more video. Marketers who want to meet this need are still working to figure out the most effective places to share their content. YouTube and Facebook are popular of course, but LinkedIn is growing rapidly while Snapchat is lagging. Animoto provides the most up-to-date guide on how to add your videos directly to LinkedIn in 2018!

Sweet Emotion

Not all videos are created equal. You might have hours of demo footage sitting around, but dumping that on LinkedIn is not suddenly going to create engagement for your brand. What drives interest? How-to videos are particularly popular, and storytelling that creates emotional connection is the most powerful. Vidyard gets into the nitty-gritty and has some great examples of appealing to the emotions, if you feel like watching some videos right now.

Size Matters

Usually, short and sweet is best for brand engagement. Think about all the viral videos you have watched that barely take a minute, but make you think—and reshare! Sometimes, though, you have more to say and a compelling way to say it. TED talks are a great example of video-based thought leadership. Data scientist Tomer Eldor found that the most popular TED videos are between 8 and 18 minutes long. It’s just as important to expand or edit to match the message in video as it is in blogging and social media.

Are you using video to promote your brand? Share your favorite brand engagement videos in the comments!