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The Weekly Buzz: You've Got Mail!

Email is a vital piece of today’s sales and marketing communications strategies. The Maestro Group sales acceleration team offers a popular training module on Effective Emails, but the role of email isn’t limited to the sales funnel. This week we came across a couple of interesting pieces that feature great tips for effective emails for marketing, networking, working with colleagues, and more.

Use Your News

The Appcues blog has a great in-depth guide to product launch and update emails. It’s a way to market to existing customers, helping them to make the most of your product. It can also make the difference for people who were on the fence or simply trialing the product. The best thing about the post is how it features images of twenty successful emails, marked up and highlighted so you can see exactly what they are doing right.

Bridge the Gap

It’s a pity this set of really insightful tips on sending a networking email to someone you haven’t talked to in a long time came out this week, and not last year. “I know we haven’t talked in the ~16 years since we broke up, but I’m really sorry your dad died” unsurprisingly didn’t get me a response. At least I wasn’t trying to network with my ex. If you are, you should read this article and write a better email than I did.

Stay on Target

There’s a lot of ways to make a mistake with a routine email, especially if you’re writing it yourself and not just auto-populating a template from your marketing automation software. Don’t be the guy who hits reply-all and insults the boss, forgets attachments, or sends private data to the wrong recipient. If you can’t bring yourself to check what you have written before hitting “Send,” remember that Gmail now offers “Undo Send” in its Settings. That’s #14 of these 42 helpful hints for optimizing your Gmail usage.

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