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The Weekly Buzz – A Need for Speed


Maestro is a sales acceleration firm, so naturally we’re interested any time there’s a way to speed things up (in sales or elsewhere in our lives). Here’s some ways to put the pedal to the metal!

Rev Up Your Start-Up

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) start-ups can get bogged down in trying to keep track of their rapid growth. Klipfolio CEO Allan Wille recommends focusing on different key performance indicators (KPIs) at different stages: an initial focus on Product metrics, followed by Growth and finally Efficiency. Time saved tracking less relevant KPIs can be redirected toward more central goals.

YouTube x2

Kenn reminded us all this week that YouTube has speed settings. If you’ve ever skipped watching a video because it would take too much time or the people speak too slowly, speeding up the playback can increase your efficiency without harming comprehension. Click the gear icon to select playback speed.

A Slower Faster

We like to riff on Newton’s Law by pointing out that “a sale in motion stays in motion.” But that’s not the only law that’s important for business. The tech economy has relied for decades on Moore’s Law, which describes microprocessor power doubling every two years. This prediction served as a goalpost for Intel over many years of innovation, but now the company finds it’s losing steam as nanoscale transistors reach the physical limits of smallness. Innovators will have to find new ways to speed up computers and feed our never-ending appetite for data processing speed!

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