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The Weekly Buzz – Don’t Stop Asking


We’ve talked about questions a lot in the past—in particular, how asking great questions is an essential skill in sales. But don’t limit yourself to sales meetings and calls. Asking questions can transform every part of your work experience.

Break Down Decisions

Hiten Shah of KISSmetrics recommends approaching important decisions by breaking a big question down into smaller ones. The post is really clearly illustrated with examples from his SaaS start-ups.

Look in the Mirror

Daniel Goleman, an EI thought leader from Rutgers University, lays out how asking yourself questions can be a powerful step in developing emotional intelligence.

What Am I Getting Into?

My colleague Chris, who you may know as the face of our webinars, wrote a piece on LinkedIn this week about his experiences starting out in sales with basically no training. One part of his story that really sticks with me is his account of the kind of questions he would ask in job interviews and what they would reveal about the support for salespeople in the organizations. It’s a good reminder that the interviewer isn’t the only one who should be asking questions—everyone should go to interviews well prepared to ask what they should expect in the job.

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