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The Weekly Buzz – Avoid This Conversation


Do you ever find yourself replaying a conversation in your head and wishing it had gone differently? Sometimes things go in a direction you don’t want simply because your priorities aren’t aligned with your prospect or conversation partner. Other times, though, things go off the rails for a reason that was completely avoidable. Here’s three pitfalls you can escape in the future!

Research Fail


I can’t guarantee this meme is for real, but it made the rounds at Maestro last week and inspired a lot of nerdy history jokes. Before you ask to meet with someone, it doesn’t hurt to check LinkedIn and Google and see if maybe they’ve been dead for the last 228 years. Don’t stop there! Once you’re sure they’re alive, figure out why they should benefit from talking to you.

Wishy-Washy Pricing

The data-crunching folks over at have discovered that mentioning “list price” suggests you are open to indefinite price reductions. Buyers feel compelled to try to bargain the price down as a result, lengthening the sales cycle. The solution? Talk about price in a way that suggests it’s firm and out of your control, like “approved price.”

What’s Left Unsaid

The feeling that you didn’t get your whole message across can be even worse than saying the wrong thing. This is especially true in presentations and public speaking. TEDx producer Tricia Brouk suggests honing your pitch message to 15 words or less. Just as in an email, BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) helps your listener to understand and contextualize the details of what you have to share.

Do you have your own hard-earned communication wisdom? What other pitfalls should we watch out for? Reach out in the comments or to