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The Weekly Buzz – Buzz Classic


As we prepare to say farewell to 2018, let’s look back on some of the most popular episodes of the Buzz!

Design Hacks

When you have a really great message, don’t bury it. Let it shine with top-notch design. We shared some favorite PowerPoint tips for making your message visually appealing all the way back in March.

Social Selling

Social media strategy is so important to get right. Like a lot of things that are important, it’s harder than it looks. We delved into the social aspects of sales and marketing back in June.

Operating Efficiency

Few stats come up as often in conversation at Maestro as the ones linked from our September post on “Going the Extra Mile.” Like Ben Franklin’s saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” sometimes extra time spent in advance really pays off. Examples: suggesting meeting times to a prospect instead of making them hunt through your calendar app; or taking the time to get your CRM really working for you.

Are you ready for 2019? Reach out to Maestro Sales at if you want to optimize your CRM usage, audit your PowerPoint messaging, or take a good hard look at your social strategy. See you in the new year!