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The Weekly Buzz – By the Numbers


The Buzz has talked about numbers before, but it’s been more than a year. The concept is so important in sales and marketing that it doesn’t hurt to look at it in a few more ways!

Is Bigger Better?

Will passed on to me a great resource for marketing leaders. “308 Free Marketing Templates!” it proclaimed. “Wow,” I thought. Either 308 is great, because it is so much free stuff—or it’s too much, and they should just show me the most useful, important stuff. As it turns out, the site is well-organized and useful, even if there is some filler in there (I’m looking at you, spreadsheet that exists only to generate the right html for hreflang tags). Score one for big numbers.

 3 or Three?

I hate this part, actually. Coming from a traditional writing background, I know that you are supposed to spell out numbers that are smaller than 10, at the very least. But for web content, numerals stick out and grab attention a lot more effectively. At least, that’s what mobile marketing gurus are always telling me. I couldn’t find any data to back it up, though, so I was still grumpy about it. Then I came across a report by Nielsen Norman Group, the UX researchers. Turns out eye-tracking studies back up the claim that numerals attract more attention. Tough luck, Chicago Style.

Pricing Psychology

One of the most important numbers you work with in sales is your price. But just like “308 Marketing Templates” or “3” vs. “three,” price isn’t just a number. It’s a way you communicate with your customers, and it can be more or less successful. If you have the time for a long read, digital marketer Lars Lofgren’s overview of pricing psychology is worth looking at. Tldr: Psychologists have discovered that customers are more likely to buy when you emphasize value before you give a price, avoid comparisons with competitors based on price, and keep options limited.

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