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The Weekly Buzz - Call Me Maybe


Sales is a business that still involves a whole lot of phone calls, love ’em or hate ’em. It’s best to come down on the side of making phone calls people love, so here’s some buzz on sales calls!

Good Calls

You’ll have more success on a call if you are well-prepared and have researched the person and organization you’re reaching out to. A great script will help you feel at ease, making it easier for you to transmit those good conversational vibes to the prospect! You’ve heard about call prep from us before, but it never hurts to hear about it from someone else, too—here’s a great piece on preparing for cold calls from Marsha Kelly at tech reviewer

Bad Calls

Velocify put together a few quick tips on the right steps to take to follow up on a lead, with some sad stats on how few salespeople actually do them. Hint: it involves a lot of voicemail!

Ugly Calls

One thing is for sure: make sure your calling practices are legal, or you will really make people angry. Apparently, even the phone companies now agree that robocalls are the worst. They plan to implement a new system to fight them, called STIR/SHAKEN. (Speaking of shaken and stirred, have you ever wondered which James Bond drinks the most martinis? Data visualizations for all your Bond questions here.)

Did you catch both of the James Bond themed links this week? If not, go back and check out all the links to find out what we’re buzzing about! Drop us a line at if you’re interested in improving your team’s sales calls.

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