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The Weekly Buzz – Constructive Criticism


To improve productivity and quality in your organization, feedback is key. Sometimes it’s difficult to assess team members objectively and fairly. And delivering the feedback is almost always challenging. Here’s how everyone can work together to get the best results from evaluations.

Accentuate the Positive

It’s hard to deliver straightforward viewpoints on your team members’ weaknesses—and strengths! Specificity is key when giving positive feedback. If praise feels a bit weird in your organizational relationships, try some of the tips in this article on Quartz; my favorite was the exercise where everyone listed their colleagues’ strong points. Then each person could not only get an outside opinion on their own skillset, they also knew who had the skills they needed to add.

An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Not all feedback can be positive (duh). But there are positive ways to respond to negative feedback. Even when you feel like an evaluation has stomped on your opinion of your strengths, there are steps you can take to grow and learn from it.

Be Consistent

The old standard in employee evaluation is the 360° feedback approach, where someone is assessed by their supervisor, colleagues, and direct reports. But the people doing the evaluating aren’t often given enough structure to be consistent. Tools like rubrics and clear guidelines can help evaluators look at every employee’s strengths and weaknesses fairly.

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