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The Weekly Buzz – Designs of the Times


It’s been a long time since the Buzz talked about design. No matter how good your message is, to be persuasive in sales and marketing it’s also important to look professional and be up-to-date visually.

Elements of Design

Whether you are designing a website, presentation, infographic, or an e-book, the same core elements, like spacing and color, all call for your attention. This year, it seems like the trends include minimalism, bright color, and asymmetrical shapes. Skilled designers can also use images to convey your brand values and priorities.

Helping Hands

Sometimes you don’t have a skilled designer on hand—or you need help to develop your design sense. (I would need a lot of help; my web design heyday was back in the era of Geocities.) Tons of sites offer professionally-designed templates and tools for purchase or via subscription that can provide a starting point. Image-heavy sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy are also great sources for on-trend visual inspiration.

Serif Don’t Like It

How text looks matters too. Surprisingly, FreeCodeCamp has one of the best intros to typography I have seen lately, laying out the difference between different groups of serif and sans serif fonts. It’ll help you think about where to use each and how to mix and match, plus the ultimate rule of thumb: Never Use Comic Sans.

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