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The Weekly Buzz – Excess Success


Succeeding beyond your wildest dreams sound pretty great, right? When your marketing campaign goes viral, your Kickstarter explodes, or your product causes millions of people to discover a need they never knew they had—well, let’s just say we hope you planned ahead.

Fight for Your Bites

National chain eateries love to build buzz with much-anticipated giveaways. I mean, who isn’t a fan of Free Cone Day? Sometimes they get too popular, though. Police were called to a Cheesecake Factory in Arlington, Virginia after the unexpectedly large crowds got unruly while waiting for free cheesecake. And this is only a year after the McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce riots! Hopefully Burger King has enough 1-cent burgers for its new promotion.

Supply Chain Management

Retailers and consumer electronics producers have some of the most complicated supply chains to manage in order to ensure enough inventory is available to meet demand. Apple has had recurring problems with iPhone components suppliers who can’t keep up. When there’s no way to fix the problem by throwing money at it, clear up-front communication is key.

Services Aren’t Exempt

Just because you don’t have a physical product doesn’t mean you’re immune to problems when it comes to meeting peak demand for what you’re selling. You need sufficient bandwidth to ensure availability of your software service, enough manpower for tech support and customer service, and adequate planning for security and disaster recovery. Maestro’s DRIVE system teaches that every sales conversation should address the availability of resources, including the necessary manpower on both sides.

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