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The Weekly Buzz – July 25, 2019 – Eye Candy


A good infographic is just about the best way to make information memorable. A bad one can delude the world, or just irritate people. This week, we will take a look at a few powerful visuals!

Narrative Power

A good infographic controls how you consume it. It is clear what direction you should look in order to view the information in a coherent order. And it can be a very impactful way to tell a story. I stumbled across the infographics on start-up founding stories by Anna Vital this week. They are really worth looking at. Check out Angry Birds and Twitter’s founding tales in pictures.

Useful, Accurate Info

An infographic is usually remembered for its graphics. But the other piece, the info, is important too. If your info is inaccurate or confusing, or poorly visualized, the infographic will either not get a lot of traction or, in a worst case scenario, mislead and cause harm.

Simple and Appealing

Good colors. Good fonts. Simplified illustrations. All of these design choices are key to making an infographic that stands out. When you have a winning infographic, find new ways to use it by incorporating it into presentations or even looking at it in detail in a short video, like in this article on innovation that explores how different ways of thinking might have saved more people on the Titanic.

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