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The Weekly Buzz – Face Time


You know how annoying robocalls are? Automated, robotic services are taking over a lot of boring and repetitive business functions. But sometimes, having a real human touch can make a major difference. That’s the case in sales, and we’ve gathered the evidence right here!

Video Killed the—Audio Call?

A lot of the advice in the recent round-up of sales discovery call tips is stuff we at Maestro have been saying for years. But tip #11 is pretty cool. Turns out, if you turn on your webcam for sales calls, your deal is 41% more likely to close! Seeing your face can help your prospect feel comfortable with you, and you can pick up a lot of important cues by observing them. The webcam is especially important at any time the buyer doesn’t have another visual to look at, like a demo or slides.

Resting Buy Face

Now that you have that webcam on (or even better, are in the same room with your prospect), it’s time to put your game face on. Practice matching your facial expression to your message and using expressions and gestures that build engagement. Now is not the time to use your poker face! Show your interest and your enthusiasm.

From Micro-Expression to Micro Conversion

Good salespeople don’t just use their own expressions and body language to enhance their message. They also pay attention to the audience’s expressions and body language to read how they are feeling during the conversation. This is called emotional listening, and it’s a great source of information whether you are in a room or on a video call.

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