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The Weekly Buzz – Free Stuff!


“Free Pizza.” There tends to be a point in each person’s life where those words are the best thing they can possibly hear. The experience of getting free stuff that brings us a lot of pleasure conditions us to expect that free is always best. Sometimes, though, you get what you pay for.

Trials and Tribulations

Rachel found a thought-provoking piece on free trials versus demos. I had always thought of free trials as better than demos, because I could explore freely and not have to interact with sales until I knew I liked the product at least a little. But what about when a product needs to be populated with a lot of data, or requires a lot of configuration? For insight into the full capabilities of a product that’s meant for complex tasks, it can be less frustrating to watch a tour of a demo use case than to have to set everything up in your own real workspace.

Free Press

Free press, or earned media, is a holy grail in marketing. We’ve talked about SEO and word-of-mouth before, but this post from Business 2 Community is a really thorough overview of all the different kinds of paid, owned, and earned media you can see in marketing today. Each approach has strengths and weaknesses.

Greatest Of All Time

Ok, I know the entire Internet is talking about this already, but I can’t get over the Rolling Stone interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey where he talks about going to Mark Zuckerberg’s house for dinner. The Facebook CEO served goat that he had raised in his backyard and personally slaughtered with a knife. Dorsey claims he didn’t eat it because the goat was cold. Maybe next time they will shell out for pizza instead.

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