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The Weekly Buzz - Get Happy


Summer is coming to an end. There’s less sunshine every day. But that’s no reason to stop having fun. Here are some ideas for making your workplace happier!

Treat Each Other Right

Here’s a study to share with your boss: Glassdoor found a statistically significant link between happy employees and customer satisfaction. While it’s less true in software, in customer-facing industries like retail and dining there is a high correlation between well-treated staff, happy customers, and the bottom line.

Have a Good Laugh

Need a boost to your creativity? Or just want to feel happier? Have a neural net name things. I’ve shared Janelle Shane’s amusing artificial intelligence research before; this week she was featured over on Adweek with creative names for XFL teams. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to cheer for the Wombatz. (Too bad my spouse will be rooting for the Boston Blood Bombers.)

Consult a Comedian

Comedians aren’t just for inducing cringing anymore. Companies are using consultants from Second City and other comedy powerhouses to improve worker communication skills under fire, expand lateral thinking and creativity, and facilitate meetings.

We may not be comedians, but we are all-in on the value of improvisatory role play. Drop us a line at to learn about how we can help you practice and prepare for the big sale.

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