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The Weekly Buzz - Leadership


What does it mean to be a great leader? Some would say that decision-making is the essential skill of a leader, while others look for a leader who helps their team members reach their potential. Leaders can be known for blazing a trail of success or for their specific technical competencies.

Lead or Manage?

A column in last week’s Economist checks in with organizational culture guru Charles Handy on the limits of efficiency. Sometimes, he argues, managers focus on efficiency, convenience, and cost-cutting to the detriment of being effective at the actual organizational mission. His ideas range from forcing business school students to face the unpredictability of the real workplace to the importance of leading by supporting staff learning.

Sales Operations Done Right

Sales operations can totally transform effectiveness in an organization (not just efficiency!), and it can do so by supporting staff learning. According to First Round Review, analyzing sales ops data to identify salespeople who had plenty of activities but low win rates has the greatest impact if leaders respond to their failures by providing them with targeted coaching. Within months the organization will have a lot more top performers.


When you think of an ideal leader, do you think of your boss, or do you think of someone like Tony Stark (a.k.a. Ironman)? The Marvel Cinematic Universe is such a pervasive cultural phenomenon that its success is the focus of an article in this month’s Harvard Business Review. Click the “Read More” button to geek out with a truly heroic full-page infographic, if you didn’t get enough infographics last week!

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