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The Weekly Buzz – July 17, 2019 – Motivational Reads


Not all motivational speakers are created equal. Some people come on stage peddling the same ideas we’ve already heard. Other folks might have ideas that work...for somebody else. So what makes a motivational speaker successful? Two factors: They lay out a new way of looking at things. And they have concrete steps to make the most of that new perspective.

Emotion at Work

One of the more interesting pieces that was shared this week at Maestro comes from content marketer Liz Fosslien, who argues for reclaiming emotions at work. Managing emotions is important, but so is understanding what our feelings tell us. The post summarizes her recent book and contains plenty of tips, like reining in anxiety by identifying things that are “within” or “beyond” your control and focusing goals on the first group.


I thought it was some kind of prank when Facebook served me a Content Marketing World 2019 ad announcing their conference speaker, Henry Rollins. Don’t get me wrong – I love Henry Rollins, from his music and bit parts in bad movies to his TV interviews with Joan Jett and RuPaul. And I knew he had a unique perspective. I just didn’t envision him sharing it with a content marketing conference or coming up with useful tips. Little did I know, Rollins already has cult status as a motivational author in the world of weight lifting. Surprising tip: “To this day, when I work out I usually listen to ballads.”

Play Time

It wouldn’t feel right to discuss motivational speakers without at least one TED talk in the mix. This one is a couple years old, but it definitely has those two qualities I talked about: a unique perspective and concrete steps. Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes recommends saying “Yes” to everything you’re afraid of – including play time. Check it out.

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