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The Weekly Buzz – Introducing OPOSSUM


Usually, this column collects insights from sales, marketing, and management news around the Web. This week, though, we have news of our own! Following up the great success of the Phoenix Sales Method and DRIVE sales acceleration system, we would like to introduce our sophomore sales method. The OPOSSUM method was developed by former Brown University researcher Keeley Schell, Ph.D., after observing our most skilled salespeople in action for two years.

OPOSSUM is designed to be the next step for salespeople who have already mastered the Phoenix Method. This post will outline the big ideas of the method, but sales experts who want to add this to their tool kit of sales skills should contact us directly to sign up for the next available OPOSSUM webinar!

What Does the OPOSSUM Say?

Acronyms aid people in committing important knowledge to memory. In a sales method that is as sophisticated as this one, there are many steps you will need to recall. Some of them even feel counter-intuitive. That is why we put so much emphasis on finding the perfect acronym. Here’s what OPOSSUM stands for—the seven steps of our experts-only sales method:

O Once. Only ask once.

P Perfect. If your presentation is not perfect you will FAIL and your career will be OVER.

O Orange. Presentation decks with orange text attract 68% more attention and generate 234% more sales.

S Sell. This part speaks for itself.

S Share. Make sure all your friends on Instagram know how happy you are you made the sale.

U Upsell. After the prospect agrees, it's important to tack on as many services as possible, immediately.

M Maybe. We are not looking for a yes or no here. "Maybe" is the magic word.

Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others

If you’ve read this far, you may be wondering how we went from the noble phoenix of Greek mythology to the lowly opossum. You are right to wonder! Opossums are known for rolling over and playing dead, while the legendary phoenix was reborn from the ashes of its own funeral pyre. In sales, one of the most essential skills is dusting yourself off and trying again after rejection.

So—bye-bye, opossums! And happy April Fools’ Day to our loyal readers. What’s the coolest prank you’ve seen recently? Let us know at