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The Weekly Buzz – Out With the Old, In With the New


Nobody’s perfect. Everyone can improve. Looking back on 2018 and ahead to 2019, there are places where Maestro has shifted direction. In the broader world of sales and management, there are things that got us chattering in the Buzz but now are no longer that exciting. So today let’s see how things are changing going forward. Put on your seatbelts, folks!

Blockchain Gang

When it comes to “unexpected major shifts in the business landscape,” few things have changed as drastically this year as the cryptocurrency landscape. By extension, a lot of forays into other applications of blockchain are under scrutiny. Maestro works with a lot of tech startups, so back in March and April we were definitely buzzing with excitement about blockchain. The reads we recommended were pretty sensible, but it’s still advisable today to read in the light of how things have shaken out.

The Searchers

We were understandably enthusiastic about LinkedIn and video as lead generation tools in 2018. But one area we haven’t talked about enough here in the Buzz is search. We did mention Google’s Academy for Ads as worth some time and attention back in August. SEO strategy continues to evolve and so do the ways people go about searching (yeah, Alexa, I’m looking at you). So expect to hear more about search in 2019.

Our Mission

Maestro started 2018 centered on both sales training and sales and marketing alignment (“smarketing,” if you will). After realizing the distinctive ways that Phoenix Sales training transformed sales organizations and accelerated sales cycles, Maestro founder Will decided to focus on that potential. We enter 2019 with a fresh focus as a sales acceleration firm. It’s a multi-layered approach, training salespeople but also reshaping sales operations and leadership. The new webinars and DRIVE training are emblematic of Maestro’s dedication to constant innovation in sales!

Let’s celebrate the opportunities to change for the better in 2019! Tell us how you plan to rise up like the Phoenix at and we’ll see you in the new year!