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The Weekly Buzz: Politics

Who stayed up way too late on Tuesday? After Election Day, it can feel like time for a nice break from politics. Well, too bad. Politics are everywhere. In the office, political savvy can make a big difference in your effectiveness—and happiness.

Change Agents

When something in an organization needs to change, speaking up doesn’t always pay off. What sets successful agents of change apart? These people set the stage for action and prepare for the right moment. It’s yet another time when our Phoenix Sales mantras come into play: Control What You Can Control, and Mitigate Risk.

Decision Making

Maestro Senior Sales Trainer Kevin Sambat loves to talk about the brain research that is shedding light on economic and psychological theories about how people make decisions. The limbic system, which regulates emotions, is essential to decision making, even when it seems to involve rational calculation of pros and cons. That means that nurturing an emotional connection can help influence someone else’s decisions—whether they are a prospect or a co-worker. But please, use your emotional intelligence for good, not evil!

Collaboration Challenges

Connecting with people emotionally can help you persuade them, but sometimes it’s better to take emotion out of the picture. That’s true when you are dealing with a difficult co-worker, such as a bully or someone who makes disagreements personal. Psychologist Amy Cooper Hakim has some quick tips for surviving difficult workplace environments.

Has political savvy come in handy for you? Or do you wish you had more emotional intelligence? Share in the comments or at