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The Weekly Buzz – Productivity Barriers


If you’ve ever felt like the physical environment of your office impedes your creativity and productivity, you’re not alone. Managers can help their team work better by eliminating these dispiriting work situations.


In last week’s Economist, business columnist Bartleby tackled the challenge of “presenteeism.” If the work is already done, sticking around trying to look busy just hurts morale and creativity. With the exception of moderate face time to boost relationships and idea exchange, they advocate returning to a model where workers are judged on results—wherever and whenever they might be choosing to do their work.


I remember working at a large corporate HQ during the summers in college. It was frigid! Apparently, I’m not the only woman who’s struggled with corporate climate control. What’s surprising to learn, though, is that recent research shows women actually perform noticeably better on numeracy and literacy-based tasks when the temperature rises just a few degrees. Men perform worse as it gets warmer—but by a much smaller margin. So overall productivity in a gender-balanced workforce could increase dramatically if you just adjust the thermostat.

Cubicle Farms

Most office workers have to face the challenge of a repetitive, sedentary job. Good office design can reduce the likelihood that the endless routine of typing, calling, and clicking turns into back and wrist injuries and lost productivity. This Forbes piece is a handy run-down of the supporting evidence for all sorts of office-space improvements your employees might be asking for.

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