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The Weekly Buzz - Reading People


Sales is like psychology—listening to people and understanding where they are at is pivotal. This week’s chatter kept coming back to the importance of paying attention to people.


It’s crucial to notice what your prospects and leads are up to. Are you using your CRM to keep on top of their stage in the funnel? Are you providing value that’s relevant to their interests when you reach out? This piece from Hubspot’s Mike Renahan lays out 5 key ways to build relationships by paying attention to the message your prospects are sending.


People aren’t always going to come up to you and say, “hey—I’m ready to buy now.” You have to spot the right moment to ask. Luckily, Kevin found this post which can help you identify a variety of clues, both verbal and nonverbal, that someone is ready to make a decision.

The Big Boss

Listening and paying attention isn’t only for prospects. Sometimes, you need to take a moment to contemplate number one: yourself. What are your goals in sales? What concrete steps can you take to attain them? Bruce Lee was, apparently, not only a martial arts master, but also a masterful collector of inspirational wisdom. Check out some of his thoughts on habits of mind that can help you achieve big goals here, or even read his book on martial arts philosophy!

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