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The Weekly Buzz – Sell Yourself


Resumes aren’t just for job seekers anymore. When you highlight your skills to build a personal brand, you can network not only in support of your own career, but on behalf of your organization’s goals. Here are some of our favorite resume, networking, and personal brand tips for 2019.

Resume vs. Narrative

Kevin Sambat brought this social selling expert’s profile to my attention. She follows the same general principles that we recommend for sales emails: BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front), think about what will be most interesting to your target audience, use clear and simple language. It’s a reminder that if your LinkedIn page looks like an old-school resume or CV, you are not doing yourself justice!

LinkedIn Hacks

Once you have built your personal brand narrative on your resume and your LinkedIn page, you want to share it as widely as possible. LinkedIn introduced a cool feature in 2018 that makes it easy to connect with people using personal LinkedIn QR codes. I had no idea how to find it until a teammate showed me this week, so let me share this cool trick with you right now. First you open the LinkedIn app on your phone (this trick is mobile only). Look at the search bar at the top and click on the squares at the right:


Then you get a page that looks like this:


Allow camera permissions if you want to scan someone else’s code. Or click the “My Code” tab to bring up your own code for your new connection to scan.

Take Me to Your Thought Leader

After you’ve started to grow your network, how do you capitalize on it? Sharing valuable content is a great way to build your personal brand and develop a position as a respected advisor in your industry—the sort of person contacts will trust when the time comes to make a purchasing decision. Shane Barker has a piece on Medium that lays out the philosophy of thought leadership marketing and steps you can take to develop in that direction.

Want to swap QR codes and talk about how you have built your personal brand? Talk to us at Or read more on social media marketing.