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The Weekly Buzz – July 10, 2019 – Good Sports


Last week we took a break from the Buzz so everyone could enjoy a happy fourth of July. This week, we’d like to wish a “Happy Fourth” to the US women’s national soccer team. They powered to their fourth World Cup victory over the weekend! What a nice way to celebrate our nation’s birthday. With the USWNT in mind, this week’s Buzz is about sports.

Competition and Teamwork

There’s a lot of lessons to take from soccer about leadership and teamwork. Some come straight from the US women’s recent victory, like this op-ed in the Chicago Tribune making the case that women should be more competitive in the workplace. Other lessons, like how to lead well in the face of adversity, don’t come up as much when you are winning all the time!

Always Be Moving

Missing the World Cup action? Luckily, the Tour de France has already begun. Watching the Tour is always a highlight of my July. I think the commentators do a great job of humanizing the stories of athletes from all over the world. Facing success and failure and learning from them is a theme in this piece on cycling as well.

From Ergonomic Erg

Not everyone can play in the World Cup or cycle in the Tour de France, but exercise is good for everyone! Stay healthy and keep your thinking sharp by joining a recreational team. Running is my thing, and I get some of my best ideas when I’m out on the trail. What’s your poison?

What athletes have inspired you in the workplace? What’s your go-to exercise? Share with us at